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Yuko Ogura
Yuko Ogura
Black, white charcoal, graphite
Strathmore velvet gray
12x19 in.

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Hey All…finally doing something

Original and cropped and resize to golden rectangle…allot of chicken scratching on tracing paper then transfer to Strathmore velvet gray.

Also trying to see if I can draw a little smaller so I try some figure studys…well draw smaller or get bigger paper…probably both.

I usually use an Staedtler Lumograph 8b for all my graphite but I bought some heavy lead holders and wanted to try different grades…2h, hb and 4b…

Now I remember why I use the 8b…I have a shine in already…I must have pressed too hard…I should have practiced on another paper…if I fall back to charcoal it is harder for me to put charcoal over graphite…so if I do I will have to lift some graphite out for something the charcoal can hang on to…but onward.

Yuko Ogura

I started adding some white and shading all over…for some reason the mouth didn’t look right…I measured and couldn’t figure it out…since it is not to far in and I have not used any black charcoal yet I erased it out and will try again...

Yuko Ogura
She has a mouth again but it is still not right…the bluishness around the eyes and mouth is graphite shine from the flash of my camera.

Crosshatch, blend, erase…repeat…thinking of starting some charcoal...
Yuko Ogura

Generals white charcoal is the darkest of the whites and harder to apply…what I usually do is start with it first and then I erase it and it leaves the paper brighter and you see no white.

Then the next lighter value I crosshatch with the generals or Faber-Castel pastel white and I blend with a stump or tissue or chamois…

The brightest is nupastel stick and a Stabilo-CarbOthello pastel pencil…they are a beautiful white.

I use the CarbOthello pencil for the highlights in eyes…I press it against my tongue, (its safe as it is really calcium carbonate) hold it straight up and down and twist…leaves a beautiful round highlight…sometimes takes several tries…I just scrape it off with a knife and do it again.

Hardest part with white and black charcoal when it mixes it turns a dirty blue.

And you can do even more by using a workable fixative and apply more...

Yuko Ogura
  Eyes and a little heavy handed with the nupastel in the hair…starting on background...
  Yuko Ogura   I applied charcoal to the background and then sprayed it with a workable fixative…see how it darken over all and evens the charcoal out to a solid black.

I tried to fix a few things after spraying and I probably went over the top with the eyes…its one of those I can’t help myself…I never said I was disciplined…

I am calling it done although there is still many things that need fixing…I learned a great deal and thank you for all the support...
© Copyright 2006 Jeffery L. Berry