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  Takako Uehara wip  

Takako Uehara

Charcoal, pencil

Canson Mi-Tientes Pearl Gray 12x18

This is the original picture. I am trying different papers and colors trying to find something I like. Mi-Tientes is much easier to get than Ingres. The pearl gray is like a off white. I use the backside as it is smoother. It has a plenty of tooth it seemed to take pencil and charcoal well but I think I like Ingres for pencil application.

One thing before I get too far. I am a beginning artist, although kind of old. The information I write here is my own 2 cents about how things work for me. So anything I write is just what I know or my opinion.

  Takako Uehara  

Here I have laid out my drawing, 12x18, and started cross hatching with a very sharp 8b pencil. I blend with my fingers and wipe my fingers with a paper towel. I just make sure my hands are clean and not oily.

I have never been able to get darks from graphite like others seem to do. I use charcoal, all kinds of charcoal. I am trying to find out how I want to work so I experiment allot. Here I used Ritmo charcoal pencils but I also use generals, 3b, hb. I cross hatch, blend then use kneaded eraser, back and forth.

  Takako Uehara   I am hatching and rubbing the skin and started outlining the hair with charcoal pencil.  
  Takako Uehara  

I used vine charcoal for the background of the hair. It really didn't gain me anything.

White charcoal and tried sepia for the hair.

  Takako Uehara  

Well here I am, one eye smaller than the other and dumbfounded why I have not noticed till now.

I am note sure of what I am going to do.

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