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Girl with a Pearl Earring, Vermeer
Stabilo CarbOthello #645 Caput Mortuum Red pastel pencil
Canson Mi-teintes Flannel Grey
12x19 golden rectangle

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The Girl With Pearl Earring and The Art of Painting are my two favorite works of Vermeer.

Her gazing back at you with the slightly parted lips are what attracts me to her. I was very nervous while trying to draw her…it is hard drawing a painting but copying an old master and not getting it right is worse.

I wanted a soft red chalk old masters look to her…I used a Stabilo CarbOthello #645 Caput Mortuum Red pastel pencil and Canson Mi-teintes Flannel Grey paper.

Here I have transferred my line drawing and I will use a paper towel and start blending it in…I will then brush it…kneaded eraser out the lights…put down more red chalk…repeat…repeat.


Repeating what I wanted to do…to myself…soft…try to be as painterly or loose as I can.

Here I have used a paper towel to smear the chalk…pick out lights with kneaded eraser and where my tones wonder around…I will then use a large soft brush to soften the drawing…the paper towels get most of the excess chalk so I can brush vigorously and not have a mess.

Pick out lights again then start over chalk…blend…erase…brush…erase…repeat over and over.

  I could not seem to get a good picture…so when I have problems I put myself in and color correct and then crop out the picture…works 90% of the time…

Therefore, where I am holding it…it is a touch too light.

If you look to the lower right you see a darker square…where the sticker was and I didn’t do a good enough job cleaning it…that is one of the things that drives me crazy…you buy expensive art paper and pencils and they put stickers where you want to draw or hold your expensive pencil…I shouldn’t have to waste my time get sticky glue off…done ranting.

Pick out lights again then start over chalk…blend…erase…brush…erase. I will spray it with Krylon workable fixative and do one more round of applying pastel and blending.

I sprayed it with a workable fixative and applied more pastel and then a light spray of workable fixative and I am calling it done. She is not quite right but I am afraid to do anymore…Thank You…

© Copyright 2006 Jeffery L. Berry