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  Alyona Nickelsen  

 I have wasted allot of money on art books but Alyona Nickelsen’s book, “Colored Pencil Painting Bible” is money well spent.

I wish I was a better reviewer so I could do this book justice but you can Google professional reviews.

If you only want one book on color pencil…from A-Z this is the one.

Several things set this book apart from some other very good color pencil books…I think mainly Alyona herself.

You get the feeling she shows you everything she does to create art and holds nothing back. What you really see is an artist working and you can be the fly on the wall.

I like that she goes in detail of how to use odorless mineral spirits, (oms) I didn’t know what oms was either…this information is what is missing or glossed over in other books.

She also uses a computer as a tool to help create art…now you don’t need to feel guilty about stabbing John Singer Sargent in the back because you use a computer.

Visit her web site for examples, her online school and read her biography. Sometimes it takes someone born outside the us to remind us about our great country.


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