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I wanted a disclaimer to let people know about how to take what I say. I am in my mid fifties now and have been drawing now for a couple of years. I am not an expert on anything in the art field. I have no formal art education and what I do know is from books, videos, bulletin boards, observation and trial and error…lots of errors.

I am also finding out something I believed yesterday may not be true today…sometimes it just takes a while for things to sink in. I also seem to be working backwards. I guess because of my age and bull headedness I didn’t want to shade value scales, draw spheres and cylinders or make my own color swatches and color wheels…I just wanted to draw portraits.…of course I was wrong about that too. If you can shade a gradient…you can turn form…if you can shade an egg you can shade a human head…all those little spheres, cones, cylinders are in the human face if you look.

So take what you like and leave the rest…you can always come back and see what I should have done.


© Copyright 2006 Jeffery L. Berry